How To Be A Dad: The 6 Brilliant Must Know Tips

October 07, 2017

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Welcome to fatherhood! As a new dad, you'll be in charge of making sure that you and your wife are working together to make the family work. Your wife is going to need you now more than ever. These 6 brilliant tips for new dad will help you easily adjust to fatherhood.

New moms can sometimes be confusing and tough (crazy). You have to make sure that you are on top of your game during this crazy period. As a dad, you have to be tough yet caring. You need to know that you have that natural instinct to become a father. You are naturally capable of taking care and protecting your family. So, don't stress about messing it up. Cut yourself some slack, and relax!

Below are some my personal awesome tips for new dads. 


Do it now!

There will be crying and a lot of it. The crying will get louder (crazier) as he gets older. There will be a lot of screaming. There will be a lot of poop. There will be a lot of 'I-don't-know-what-to-do' moments. There will be times you will feel frustrated.

So, there's no other perfect time to breathe than now. 

Feeling this way is perfectly normal. I know you have the best interest at heart, but as a human being, you also have limitations. 

Don't be scared

Yes, babies can be as fragile as a china porcelain. But, if you hold them right I promise you they won't break. Well at least not in the in the first three months but, after that they're golden!

The first time I carried my baby was on his third-month, even then I was so scared of dropping him.

Invest in cargo shorts (or pants)

As a parent, you have to focus on functionality. I always wear cargo shorts when I'm out with the baby. Believe me, this is the best tip that I can give for new dads.

You can carry everything when you're wearing cargo shorts. A bottle for your baby, tons of napkins to wipe any mess your baby made, your phone when you need to call your wife for help (rescue), a toy for when your baby gets bored with looking at your uninteresting dad face, and your wallet, in case you go crazy and forget your identity.

Consult with other dads

Consult with other dad friends. Talk to them about how you feel or your challenges. You'll be surprised to know that you're not alone in this world.

You can also try consulting your own dad or your brothers and uncles. It's all about knowing that you are not some paranoid dad who worries about the weirdest things.

Read stuff

It's not just for moms. As a dad, you need to know stuff and you need to learn them good. Read a lot of things about parenting and caring for a child. And hey, if you're already reading this, good job!

I'm not saying that you should follow everything you read but, it'll guide you towards making the right decisions. Parenting Magazine has some great tips for new dads on must-read books.

Reward yourself

Most parents forget to reward themselves for doing a great work. But, why should you get a reward? Isn't this supposed to be your responsibility as a parent?

You have to know that the first year is going to be tough (hell).

There will be a lot of adjustments. New routines are needed to be learned. A lot of sleepless nights. Expect incessant crying and a lot of diaper changes. If you passed the first year mark, you deserve a reward.


Most important part of it all. Savor each moment, including the bad ones. You can never get this amazing time back with your baby.

Good luck!

I'm sure I have left out a few things, but I'm sure that this basically covers all the essentials on parenting. Just remember to breathe and take your time as a dad.

Parenting isn't a race, it's a dance. You might stumble and fall, but you'll eventually get the hang of it.

Let me know in the comments what your strategy was as a new dad. I'd like to hear about them!

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