The Best First Birthday Party Idea For The Best Kid In The World

October 06, 2017

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The hardest question in the world could be "What is the best first birthday party idea?"

My son, Joaquin who turned one last May, like any other kid in the world celebrated his first birthday.

First birthdays are a special milestone. Here in the Philippines, people expect a BIG celebration almost comparable to a wedding. Birthday celebrations here are so fancy that I had this one friend who spent around ₱100K+ on her kid’s first birthday party.

My girlfriend and I decided to not go down that same road (we also didn’t have ₱100K lying around). We decided on throwing a small and intimate birthday party.

Even if we had the money, going big wasn’t really our style. An intimate party idea was also easier to pull off on our own and it was way less stressful.

Thankfully, we already had the best birthday party idea in mind!

Our Party Idea

A few months before my son’s first birthday, everyone was bugging us about where we’ll be celebrating the party, what party themes we’re having or if we already had an organizer. Everyone had their own party idea. Going with just one idea was a bit of excruciating.

We also never felt that we needed a birthday party organizer. Plus, we also really wanted to take care of everything so that we can tell my son this awesome story when he grows up.

My girlfriend and I decided that we were going to have a Hawaiian themed birthday party. We planned on just inviting family and very close friend. And we were going to keep the number of guests below 40.

We did all the party designs (thank you, Pinterest). No fancy catering service, no clowns, and magicians and yet, everything was still perfect. My son had an unforgettable first birthday party, surrounded by people who love him unconditionally.

What Happened After?

Not everyone was invited to the party and the world did not end. They still remained friends with us and even have invited us to their kid's birthday parties.

Our son still received a lot of gifts. Some friends who were not invited sent their gifts and love. Other friends invited us for dinner. Some friends (silently) judged us for having a ‘small’ birthday party and most didn’t bother to care.

Now, I don’t want my friends to think that I’m being a jerk. There’s really nothing wrong with throwing a big party. The problem is when parents lose focus on what’s important - which is their child’s special day.

Overall, it was an all good experience. We were able to focus on our son. Everyone at the birthday party had fun. More importantly, I was able to make it all about him and not about us.

We continually surround our family with the people who will shower us with love and support, no matter what.

I'd really like to hear about how you plan on celebrating your kids first birthday! What are some of your creative party ideas?

hawaiian themed party
My girlfriend and my firstborn son

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