What Anniversaries And Marathons Have In Common

October 20, 2017

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My girlfriend and I will be celebrating our 3rd-year anniversary this weekend. Some would call this the ‘leather’ year. If you’re a bit modern, its ‘crystal’ or ‘glass’. This year’s color is ‘light brown’. For flowers, its ‘Fuchsia’ and for gemstones its ‘Moonstone’. Who could’ve thought, right?

There’s apparently a long list of symbols, flowers, colors, and gemstones attributed to each anniversary year. I’d like to think that it was a guy who created the list. Because who would really put ‘paper’ as anniversary gifts ideas for the first year?

Why Celebrate An Anniversary?

Think of your relationship as a long marathon and anniversaries are stops to keep you focused and hydrated until you get to the finish line. Nobody really knows if you’ll finish it together, you both want to but, there are times when things may get in the way.

There are, however, people who think anniversaries are dumb and useless. Or people who don’t really know when to celebrate their anniversary because they’ve forgotten the date. Or people who don’t exactly know when they started to be a couple.

Whatever the case is with you and your partner, I think what I’m pointing out here is the importance of celebrating your love for each other. You can call it an anniversary or whatever you want. It doesn’t matter how big the celebration is, it could even be as simple as a handwritten letter. But, what’s important is for couples to commemorate their love and the reasons why they continue to love each other on a regular basis.

Make Time For Each Other

We tend to get too strung out with our daily lives that we forget to give the attention our partner needs. While most partners will understand you, it’s still important to celebrate life events, such as anniversaries because it makes you stop and appreciate how far you’ve come. Just like in marathons, water breaks are important to stay hydrated.

People need significant events to create memories.

Memories that you could hold on to when times get rough.

Moments that you could hold on to even if things look bleak.

Memories that will always remind them of the ‘good old days.’

So, I dedicate this to the lovely and extremely amazing mother of my child.

May we have more anniversaries and may we finish this marathon together.

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