The Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Day A Bit Better

November 10, 2017

I posted a question on Reddit 2 years ago. I asked them about the little things they do to make their days a bit better. I thought about sharing these little nuggets of wisdom.

Every day seems to be a struggle, especially if you're stuck in traffic, in a jam-packed train or walking in the scorching heat of Makati and BGC. But, there are those tiny things we include in our routine to at least make us feel a bit better about the day.

Here are some answers I got from r/Philippines. After 2 years, all of these nuggets of wisdom still makes sense.

1. I don't drink coffee as a habit. I only drink coffee when I'm having less of a stellar day. That way, that first sip instantly brightens me up.

- red_storm_risen

2. Listen to music and pretend that I'm in my own music video.

- sirkumpunkt

3. You know how they say that when you force a smile, it actually tricks your brain into thinking that you're happy, then, in turn, makes you feel better a bit? Try doing it to random strangers on the street, or if you're not really comfortable with the idea, start with the guard in your building, the elevator girl, etc. It works I promise.

- heyjohn

4. I like to masturbate.

- ikitmikka

5. If you're looking for a daily thing, I think you need to focus on something that is low-cost that helps you forget about the shit you just mentioned (cramped, hot, tiring).

My suggestion would be finding something that you can listen to (podcast, youtube series, ANYTHING) that can take your mind off of life.

Coffee is a good suggestion, but coffee after a hot commute just doesn't cut it for me. However, a funny/interesting thing to listen to might make the minutes fly by.

- presidium

6. Avocado shakes never fail to make my day better!

- bobosentesis

7. Catch a glimpse of your office crush. Greet him/her good morning. Listen to the sweet sound of his/her voice

- legitimate_child

8. I watch aldub kalyeserye and get a daily dose of kilig and girly giggles. Im a straight guy.

- batutaking

9. Do something nice for a random stranger and see their smile.

- Cielbl3u

10. My shift ends at 12PM and every time I go home, I try to catch the neighbor's chihuahua's attention. If that little sucker comes out of his tiny house to bark or just stare at me, my day has been made. I love it when he goes crazy and his eyes pop out.

- fryingsquirrels

I especially liked the number 1 and of course, number 4! Hope you had fun reading this and oh if wish to read the whole thread click here.

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