YOUniversity Suites LA Village Reinvents Dorm Living

March 12, 2018

La Village by YOUniversity Suites takes the food park approach to a new height. Nestled in the middle of the busy Manila university belt you'll find the newest and hippest food park.

LA Village by YOUniversity suites

LA Village

Youniversity suites

LA Village

La Village has a food-park-meets-food-court modern feel to it (although I'm not quite sure what the warplane in the ceiling was for). It's indoors and airconditioned, which I personally feel is perfect for the Manila weather.

Foods options in YOUniversity Suites are varied, they even offer a full pledged Japanese restaurant and a budget-friendly dimsum bar right across that. The place is perfect for a weekday college barkada dinner.

All I really could think about while at La Village was how awesome it could've been if we had a place like this to go to back in college.

Youniversity suites

Go Dimsum Bar

LA Village

Pub Express

See what I mean about the warplane?

If you're heading to Ubelt any time, make sure to visit La Village by YOUniversity Suites

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