Blogopolis 2018: My Overall Experience and My Expectations

April 17, 2018

Nuffnang Blogopolis 2018 was a smash hit for me because it was my first. I was lucky enough to become a part of this amazing event hosted by Nuffnang PH. I learned so much about things likes branding,  website traffic and how to effectively monetize your website.


All the speakers at Blogopolis did a tremendous job. My personal favorites were Bella Racelis of ThatsBella and The Googlygooeys.

Bella is a 16-year old kid who is well on her way to become the next YouTube sensation. She started vlogging at the young age of 13. I remember when I was 13 I didn't even have a phone, let alone the confidence to post a video for the world to see. A big round of applause and a standing ovation for Bella and her overwhelming passion for content creation.

I also liked the talk made by the Googlygooeys because I'm not a creative person. I'm always fascinated with artists and how they use their energy into creating relevant content. And I also loved their colorful artwork! I hope to attend one of their workshops with my kid one day.

Bella Racelis (via Nuffnang IG)

Googlygooeys with other panelists (via Nuffnang IG)

While I did like the topics discussed during Nuffnang Blogopolis 2018, I find that it lacked the fundamentals. (Or I'm not entirely sure if those were covered during the first Blogopolis). Here are a few things that I wish they talked about during the event

What I learned From Blogopolis

Creating Quality Content

Most of the speakers emphasized about branding and about giving value. But, they didn't talk about ensuring you create quality content for your readers.

Content that has been well researched and fact-checked. I think it could have been a timely discussion with all of the fake news issues we're currently faced with.

Productivity Habits

None of the speakers talked about how to really establish a habit of consistently writing or creating content. They might have talked about consistently producing content, rinse and repeat and some other things about routine. But, it wasn't emphasized and I guess it could have been great if it were.

Importance of Reading 

This is especially true for writers or aspiring journalists. The best way for you to become good at writing is by reading.

I've always lived by this and I always will.  I've greatly developed my vocabulary from reading alone. I remember one popular influencer a while back who mentioned how it was not important for you to read as long as you can write. But, how can you write good content if you don't read?

However, I particularly liked how Nina Terol talked about having an advocacy. Using your voice as a content creator and leveraging your audience for a greater cause.

(via Nuffnang IG)

What Was I expecting From Blogopolis?

I guess I was expecting more inspiring talks from the Nuffnang Blogopolis team. More topic on how to motivate yourself when you're not I the mood to create content. Or how to manage time wisely when you're blogging on the side. Talks about how we can be less superficial in a world full of people judging you based on how curated your Instagram feed is.

But, I still had tons of fun. It was nerve-wracking to attend an event where I don't know anyone but, it was what I needed. It was refreshing and I'll definitely attend the next Blogopolis event.

Tell me about your Blogopolis experience!

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