If You're Hiring Employees You Should Hire Parents

April 28, 2018

first hires in a startup
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To make your first hire in a startup easy - you should start hiring employees with kids. Parents can be beneficial for startups (or any business for that matter) in many ways than you know. And no, I'm not suggesting your own parents.

Some startups have this notion that their ideal first hire are young, energetic and the do-anything-at-all-cost-for-your-work type of employees. And most big corporations prioritize hiring employees without dependencies and constraints. This is both discriminatory and just downright appalling.

Did you ever think about giving extra attention to the parents?

Parents can bring something unique to your business too, here are a few good ones:

We don't get overwhelmed easily

Nothing is more overwhelming than having a kid. Being a parent sparks a different kind of responsibility in a person. Our kid's future will literally depend on every decision we make. No matter how tough it gets or how loud the whining becomes - we have no choice but to keep at it.

This kind of attitude overflows to other parts of our life, especially in our career. As a parent, we don't easily get overwhelmed with problems. We act fast and rationally because we've been trained to perform that way. Any business will benefit from hiring employees who have that kind of grit and personality. More importantly, your first hire should be able to withstand anything.

We take our jobs seriously

We make sure that we provide value to any business. We make sure we perform better than anyone else. This is simply because we understand what's at stake. How will we be able to pay our mortgage, school tuition,  and insurance if we're mediocre?

We will make sure that we will keep going at it because we have a lot more to lose. So, it really helps if we love what we're doing because it just makes everything so much easier.

We value your time

Parents know how important your time is and we hope that you value ours as well. We wake up early to get our kids ready for school, clean up and get to work.

After work, we head straight home and take care of other things. Time is of the essence for us, literally. This is why we understand the importance of prioritization.

A business that has employees who value time will thrive even in the most troubled conditions.

We have valuable life experiences

We've experienced things you haven't. We may not know the newest and coolest 'fad' in town but, we're open to learning them. Teamwork is something that we have good experience in because it's what propels our family forward.

Our unique life experiences can overflow to how we handle our work, deal with colleagues and mentor peers. With our life experiences, we can help you create employees that's diverse and has a unique insight.


I work for an emerging e-commerce startup and I'm also one of the first employees. I'm also a part of the hiring employees process.

I can confidently say that these traits are my competitive advantage, my value proposition. Most people even find it refreshing whenever I talk to them about my son and the kind of work I do.

Most parents may not be as young and as energetic like most startup employees are. It's why we're often overlooked as a first hire candidate. But, we bring a different kind of culture to the table, the kind that can clearly help your business succeed.

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