Kris Aquino Is Not Your Typical Parent But She Deserves Your Respect And Support

April 23, 2018

Kris Aquino single parent
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Kris Aquino is a household name and she worked herself crazy to get that status. She thinks fast on her feet, she's smart, witty and very influential. While most people will talk bad about her being 'taklesa' or 'maarte', I think she's just being true to herself. And if being authentic is a crime, well then a lot of people are going to be miserable.

I'm not a Kris Aquino fan and I'm apolitical as well so, no funny ideas. But, recently I've been seeing a lot of people spewing hate words at her because she started to air her husband's dirty laundry out in public. Just this morning, I saw another update about her being disappointed with Korina Sanchez-Roxas for being insensitive.

Why is it that we celebrate single parents all over the world for being brave but, can't celebrate or support Kris Aquino? As a single parent, Kris Aquino is doing a good job of providing the best life for her two sons.

I agree that the way she speaks her mind won't sit well with most people. And as a celebrity and a role model for some, she should have held her feelings back. But, just like any of us, she's a human being with emotions. More than that, she's a single parent fighting for her kids.

My sister was a single parent too which is why I completely understand what Kris Aquino might be going through. I was also raised in a broken family so I know how tough it is to get caught in between.

It's A Tough Job Being A Single Parent

I firmly believe that being a parent is tough but, being a single parent is definitely TOUGHER. Which is why I celebrate people who are able to raise good and decent kids despite being alone. Some of you may think that Kris Aquino is different since she has a lot of money. Or that she has people helping her with everything. But, did you ever stop to consider what she thinks about when she's alone with her thoughts? She has the same emotional issues any single parent has.

She Worries Alone

It's difficult enough to worry about your kids, can you imagine doing it alone? It can feel exhausting worrying about a parenting decision. The scary thought of thinking that you are the only person to be blamed if your kids grow up to be a mess.

She Celebrates Alone

Their kid's monumental achievements will be celebrated by the whole family. But, she will be celebrating alone. She may have a lot of people rooting for her kid but, deep inside she knows that something is lacking. As a single parent, you know that someone is missing out on all of these milestones.

She Cries Alone

The moment a single parent realizes that they can't hold it back anymore, they will cry alone. The sad thought of having to mentally pull yourself together so you can continue living is a tough one to bear. What's worse is that no one is beside you to tell you it's all going to be okay.

She's Afraid To Ask For Help

Single parents are tough and they'll try and do everything before asking for help. They take pride in making sure that they can pull it off, no matter what. But, when there are moments that require asking for help, they have a hard time asking for it. Only because they want to be able to be enough for their kids.

She'll Have To Explain Alone

These parents will have to do the explaining over and over again. The sad part here is that they'll do it alone. They'll explain it in the most reasonable way no matter how painful the experience was. They'll have the burdensome task to answer the question "Does my dad still love me?" or "Why isn't mom showing up for my birthday?". These questions only get tougher as their kids grow older.

Let's Give Kris Aquino A Break

Kris Aquino may have been tactless with how she expressed her feelings. We all have those moments, right?

So, instead of talking bad about her, let's really try to listen to hear and read between the lines. She's a mother and a single parent and she deserves the same respect and support. And you have to admit, Kris Aquino is everyone's guilty pleasure!

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