This Is How You Can Encourage Confidence And Success In Your Family Every Morning

June 30, 2018


As parents, we often wake up in a rush. Rushing to fix breakfast for the kids, rushing to clean up the morning mess, rushing to finish some errand you forgot to do the day before. Parents are always in a rush and sometimes we forget about our own life. You need to find a way to start encouraging confidence and success in your family. And the best way to get started is by making changes to your morning routine

Involving everyone will not just encourage confidence and success in your family but, will also foster a closer relationship with your children

Can you Encourage Confidence And Success In Your Kids?

Children can't be expected to know how they can start their day right but, you do. You should know how to set up a winning day for them. As parents, we need to be more involved and present. I don't mean over-parenting but more of conscious parenting. Below are 5 simple steps, you can do to encourage confidence and success in your family every morning:

Hydrate your mind and body

lemon water

Do you ever find yourself feeling parched early in the morning? That's because when we sleep our body becomes dehydrated.

The best way to hydrate early in the morning is to drink 1 full glass of cold water. this wakes up your body, brain and wakes your metabolism. It'll help your body become more aware and alert.

For your children, this is the best way to get them out of that groggy state in the morning. We all know how hard it is to move fast when you have a kid who moves at such a slow pace. Wake their body and brain by making them drink water as soon as they wake up. It'll be a practice that they can carry on with their life as they grow up.

Small wins go a long way

pillow fight

Set your kids up for a winning day by letting them achieve something in the morning. As simple as making their bed will make them feel confident about themselves and create a winning attitude.

Studies show that when you create small wins early in the day your confidence increases. Like a momentum, you will continue to find things you can win all throughout the day.

To really make this work, you as a parent would also have to achieve something first before your kids. Show them that you've already made your bed, had an early morning run, made breakfast for everyone. This will show them the value of winning early and the motivation it brings.

Physical affection

Your loving touch goes a long way in boosting your child's confidence. Give them a hug when they wake up or a simple back massage. This will reassure them of your affection towards them and make them feel loved.

These kinds of physical affection have a tremendous positive impact on their self-esteem. Children who are often given this kind of attention perform better in school and are more sociable.

Moreover, a simple loving body massage will remove any anxiety or tension your kids may be feeling. Just like you, they also have difficulties in life - they may not be as big as yours but, they're problems nonetheless. Help them feel more relaxed and create an environment where it is safe for them to feel things. Through physical affection, you create a loving and safe space. And encourage confidence and success in your family in the long run.

Give praises

laughing kids

Give plenty of praises to your kids. Affirm their behaviors by showing appreciation. Even the little things matter to them

Providing praises will affirm the good behavior and motivate them to continue doing so. verbal praises are just as important as physical affection.

A verbally appreciative environment is an environment that will promote confidence and a winning attitude. When your kids are confident about what they do, they are surely going to succeed in life.

A hearty breakfast

strawberry pancake

No day is complete without a hearty and filling breakfast. True as they say, it is the most important meal of the day.

A good breakfast will not only help your kids but, you as well. You've probably heard about the numerous benefits of eating breakfast and it's about time you really consider following it.

More than the long-term health benefits of a good breakfast, another thing that's really good about it is that you get to eat together as a family. Sharing a meal as a family fosters a closer relationship between kids and parents. Moreover, this practice teaches kids the importance of a good meal before the start of the day.

Final Thoughts

No one can do perfection. We will all have our off days and it's no big deal. What you should aim for are consistency and progress. These are easy to follow - these are probably things that you have already been doing.

What's important is that you know the importance of creating an environment that brings out confidence and motivation you and your kids need. In a world where there is so much going on, you need to start and encourage confidence and success in your family - and breakfast is the perfect place to begin that change.

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