Fathers Day Gift Idea: 5 Sole Satisfying Gifts For Dad

June 02, 2018

Here is the second issue of our Fathers Day gift idea. For this week it'll be sole satisfying (get it?)! I've handpicked some of the most affordable yet functional and still fashionable shoes for the on-the-go dads.


There are dads that who would forgo buying a new pair of shoes just to get his child the newest smartphone. There are also dads who would choose to buy shoes that they can wear for any occasion. As for me, I'm the kind who likes to keep a few pairs that I can match with most of my outfit. I'm not really big on brands, as long as it looks good and durable I'm all for it.

Here are five of my fathers day gift idea for those shoe-loving dads:

Cardam's Lifestyle AJ Low Cut Sneakers (Black)


I bought this exact pair for my dad last Christmas and he we loved it. I liked how it looks, it looks casual but still classic in many ways. You can easily pair this shoes with pants or shorts. I've seen my dad wear these on several occasions and I can personally say that it's a durable pair. They sell this for as low as P550.

World Balance Lite Flex MS (Black)


I'm planning to buy this pair myself. This is perfect for those dads who commute to work every day, it's lightweight and very durable. It's perfect with or without socks. It has a Terra-Soft insole technology that enhances cushioning - perfect for walking. It's a pair that will most likely last your dad many years. Retailing at P1,399, this is the perfect bargain.

Otto Hightop Sneaker (Brown)


This is the perfect pair for that edgy and fashion-forward dad. It's made of PU leather but based on the reviews it's durable. The detail on the sole is also very good to look at. It also has a slim profile considering that it's a hightop sneaker. This retails at P1299.

EasySoft Malibu MS (Navy Blue)


I've already ordered my own pair! I'm planning to use this to work for the coming rainy season. You should definitely get this for your dad - especially those who commute to work. This pair manages to look good while still being very functional. This also comes in Black and Red. Easysoft has truly outdone themselves with this design. You can get this pair for as low as P599

Airwalk Slippers Offshore (Brown)


I'm the kind of dad who will wear something like this whenever I get the chance because I spend the whole week in closed shoes. This is perfect for going to the mall, grocery shopping, quick errands and just about everywhere that does not require closed shoes. Another good thing about this is it's made of rubber so it's very durable. It retails for P799.

This ends my sole satisfying fathers day gift ideas. You have to remember, that the manner of giving is worth more than the gift. 

Let me know what you plan to give your dad this fathers day, I'd like to hear your ideas!

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  1. I love EasySoft Malibu MS (Navy Blue). I would give it to my dad to prepare for her holidays. Fathers Day target coupon codes 20 off


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