What It Means To Be A Dad In The 21st Century

June 16, 2018

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Any man can have a kid if he wants to but, it takes a real man to be a dad. We've all had our fair share of amazing mom stories. I think it's high time we tell you reasons why we love being your dad and what it really means to be a 21st-century father.

As you might have noticed, we are no longer bound by gender roles - the fine line between a mother and a father is becoming blurry. A mother can work and a dad can stay at home and that's socially acceptable. A man can play dress up with his daughter and could still be tough as a nail. As we enter a new age of gender role fluidity we begin to see more dads becoming an involved parenting partner rather than just a mere accessory to parenting.

Evidently, millennial dads are consistently breaking barriers and gender stereotypes. According to a Google Analyst, Geia Lopez - Filipino dads are now searching for things like parenting, food recipes and even home decorating tips. It just goes to show that this is the new reality wherein. And as a dad, this makes me very proud. We can see that a lot of fathers are now changing how the parenting dynamic works. Gone are the "bad dad" stereotypes.

While this observation may not hold true for everyone. I can't speak for other dads but, as far as I can see more dads are doing they're best to change how society thinks fatherhood should be. Dads are becoming more progressive, gender sensitive, involved, present and equally invested.

Here are 3 reasons why we love being your dad

We love to be around you

There's no stopping us from attending school recitals and parent-teacher conferences. We want to make an impact in your childhood and we want to be present. According to research, 58% of dads are making an effort to be a part of their kid's school activities.

We want to be involved

More dads are now becoming sensitive as to how they spend their time. We want to make sure that we have the perfect balance of career and family growth. As an involved dad, I personally make sure that I come home for dinner on time so we can at least eat one meal together as a family.

We value your mothers

We respect and love your mothers which is why we equally work hard. The sacrifice and kind of work that mothers do are incomparable to anything, which is why we show our appreciation by helping in any way we can.  And I guess this is what we want our kids to learn from us as they grow up - treat people with respect and appreciate your partner because nothing in the world is more important than family.

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