How To Avoid Raising Bullies According To Research

July 08, 2018

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Bullies are everywhere, in our workplace, in schools and even in our own communities. The first step to stop bullying is to avoid raising bullies.

Bullying is an aggressive or untoward behavior towards an individual. This aggressive behavior is often perceived as a power imbalance - a good example of this is physical and verbal attacks and threats.

I needed to define bullying in the most common context because people sometimes forget what it really means. Most people think that bullying is only in the form of physical aggressiveness but, bullying can also be in the form of rumor spreading or as simple as saying anything to ruins a person's image.

There's also what we call cyberbullying. A research made by child-care nonprofit organization stated that 80% of teenagers experience cyberbullying.

If parents all work towards a greater goal which is to avoid raising bullies, this would easily translate to having one less bully. Making a difference isn't always about doing something grand, it could be as simple as making sure that we become mindful of how we raise our kids and the environment we expose them to.

Tips On How You Can Avoid Raising Bullies

1. Be A Role Model 

Children are imitators and research suggests that bullies often attribute this behavior growing up.

Before anything else, let's first take a good hard look at our behavior as parents. Are we setting a good example for our kids? Are we conscious about our actions towards other people?

2. Teach Empathy

Empathy is putting yourself in one's situation and trying to understand their feelings. the best way to teach empathy is by teaching your kids how to relate to people. Create an environment that values sensitivity towards individuals.

To avoid raising bullies you should find opportunities where you can teach empathy. When you see someone being bullied on TV, you can ask your kid what would he feel if he was in the same situation. Asking them to relate to that other person's feeling will make them feel sensitive towards their own behavior and prevent them from becoming bullies.

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3. Teach them to see the bigger picture

More than empathy research also suggests that kids be taught a valuable lesson in perspective. They should be trained to see the bigger picture when the opportunity presents itself.

A good example is when he's in school, he should have the ability to see outside his "circle of friends" like talking to the new kid in school. This will enable him to have a bigger sense of sensitivity and empathy.

4. Teach them to be a problem solver

Your kids may experience difficulty in handling their emotions as they grow up. Research suggests that emotions and conflicts can hinder them from being empathic.

Prepare them by looking for teachable moments in their life and showing them how to properly manage a situation. A child that is a problem solver will less likely to become bullied or a bully.

5. Take bullying reports seriously

When you hear bullying reports about your kid you should immediately take an action. Talk to your community, school, and friends about bullying instances that they might have witnessed. Additionally, try and get your kids' story - understand and discern where they're coming from.

You also have to make sure that you don't always take their sides - this will only enable them. Show your kids that you have their support but, you will not tolerate any bad behavior especially bullying.

Let's Put A Stop To Bullying

Most kids will mimic their parents' behavior. If you're someone who bullies, it's more than safe to say that your kids will turn out the same way too. Parenting is a responsibility, not just to your kids but, also to everyone. We have to make sure that we are raising kids to become better future generations.

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