A Father's Role In Breastfeeding

August 08, 2018

fathers role in breastfeeding

A father's role in breastfeeding is as important as the mothers. Even if we don't have breasts, we also carry a big task in supporting our wife with breastfeeding.

Most men believe that this activity is strictly for the baby and the mommy. I've even read that some breastfed baby cries with dad. While that sounds terrible, the reason it happens is that these men are not playing an active role. They think that they have no impact on the process. Did you know that dads supporting breastfeeding can actually contribute to their partner's overall confidence as a new mom?

How Can Dads Help With Breastfeeding

Provide support when needed

Make sure that your partner hears encouraging words from you. Learn more about the benefits of breastfeeding. Deflect any negative comments from friends and family. A properly supported mother will benefit from an increased milk production and overall well-being of a nursing mother.

Breastfeeding can become emotionally and physically challenging. Show your support by throwing in some compliments and praising each effort your wife makes. A father's role in breastfeeding comes in many forms but, the most important factor is providing support and encouragement.

Burp and calm your baby

It may sound like a simple task but, imagine your wife doing this at 3 in the morning just to make sure the baby doesn't become fuzzy. A warm father's arm is the best place for babies to be. After every feeding, you can let your wife go back to sleep while you nurse the baby.

Some mothers complain that when they breastfeed the dad feels left out. Take an active role in taking care of your baby. Nursing, burping, and skin to skin contact are great intimacy builders for dads and baby.

Give your wife a break

Take the baby out and go for a walk. You can put the baby in a stroller or better yet start babywearing.

Doing this will give your wife some time to relax and even take a nap. This will also give her a chance to focus on herself. This can especially be helpful for mothers who are experiencing postpartum depression.

Help out with the chores

Obviously, your wife is going to be spending a lot of time with the baby. And in some cases, she'll have no choice but to stay with the baby. You have to keep an open mind about this and start doing everyday chores.

Learn how to properly clean and sanitize breast pumps if your wife is using one. Make sure that your wife is comfortable by bringing her pillows and food. Try and help out whenever possible.


Dads supporting breastfeeding is an important thing. Too bad for us, my partner stopped lactating after 8-months of breastfeeding our son. It was also mildly because we didn't get the full support of our family.

Throughout that 8-month period, I made sure that she had all the support and encouragement she needed from me. I fully understand what a father's role in breastfeeding is. I hope that all the dads and soon-to-be-dads out there can also do the same. Dads aren't just there to provide for the family but, also to play an active role.

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