How To Teach Your Child Good Manners

August 27, 2018

teach your child good manners

Have you ever experienced being out with your child and he just suddenly says a curse word? Or he suddenly decided that it's a good time for tantrums? Whatever it may be I'm sure you've had a similar sticky situation with good manners.

This is why it's important that early on in their life we teach our child how to behave properly. However, what do you do when they don't have a concept of what's an acceptable behavior? According to research, the best time to teach your child the concept of good manners is when they're 18-months old. At this age, they have the ability to understand that their behavior can have an effect on other people.

Teaching a toddler about good manners may sound ambitious for most parents. But as parents, we have to realize that our child's bratty behavior can bounce back at us. Raising kids that values good manners at home will show good manners in public places. Like almost anything, it always starts at home.

Teach Child Good Manners

Develop them early

Start teaching good manners at a young age. Begin with age-appropriate lessons and don't expect them to learn everything immediately. What you're trying to accomplish here is to form a good habit. When you repeatedly teach them good manners it's bound to stick. Which is more likely to become an automatic behavior.

Be a role model

Nobody like's a bratty kid. I personally try to avoid dealing with kids that are disrespectful. And every time I see a kid who lacks good manners I immediately think what kind of parents does this kid have. Parents should be a child's first role model. We should always be conscious of how we treat other people for our kids will model that behavior.

Consistency is always the key

Teaching your child about good manners don't happen overnight. It happens through consistent efforts. Consistently introduce social skills as they grow older. Immediately correct bad behaviors. But, make sure to always manage your expectations. You can't expect a toddler to clean up after himself but you can tell him to say sorry when he has an accident.

Be Encouraging

Your child will misbehave. Believe me, it's bound to happen. No matter what training you do, your child will eventually do something crazy. But, that doesn't mean that they're ill-mannered it just means that they had a bad judgment.

We should always appreciate the progress our child has made. When we encourage good conduct, we are reinforcing that behavior.  However, when you focus on the bad behavior, there can be chances of them acting out and deliberately misbehave. I'm not saying that you shouldn't call them out when they're showing bad behavior. Just make sure that you balance it with words of encouragement.

Always use the magic words

In our home, we practice the magic word "Thank You". So much so, that Joaquin knows how to say "You're Welcome". We started him by saying the magic word every time we give him his milk. Eventually, he understood the right situations to use the magic word.

We're consistently adding more magic words to his vocabulary such as "Excuse me" and "Please". Consistently use these magic words in your home. Show them how it can be pleasing to hear someone say it.


Teaching your kids good manners is something that every parent should be serious about. When we teach kids with good manners, we teach them to be considerate and sensitive human beings. And we need more of those in the future.

Have You Met Twiga?

Twiga of Tiny Buds

Tiny Buds has recently introduced Twiga. A friendly baby giraffe who learns the magic of saying "Thank You".

As parents, we want to reward brands that show an active participation in raising kids who are grateful and appreciative.

More than being a company that teaches good manners. Tiny buds is also a brand that values the environment. A portion of sales made on their website goes directly to WWF for environmental causes. After all, a responsible company who utilizes the environment for resources needs to find a way to give back.

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