6 Funny Excuses Parents Make To Take A Break From Parenting

September 06, 2018

kids in blocks

kids in blocks

Parenting is more than just a responsibility. It's a 24/7, on-call job for the rest of your life. I think it's even more difficult now with everyone judging us for the choices we make as a parent. I mean come on, if we can't afford a night nanny don't urge us to have one just because you can. It makes us feel bad and inadequate. Take a break from parenting and do something for yourself.

I'm no expert myself but I pride myself with research and memes. And in my research, I was able to prove one of my hypothesis. Parenting is a lot of work and a lot of spilled milk, pee, poop, vomit, and involves running or sprinting. So don't blame us when we make excuses. Because just like you we also need to recharge (and have a beer or two).

6 Excuses To Take A Break From Parenting

1. Staying in the bathroom longer than usual - Let's face it, you 've done this a million times. If you're a dad you're probably doing it now while reading this article. Half of the parents I know take advantage of bath time to carve out more alone time. Whether it be sitting on the toilet or just taking a pee. We always try and make room for that extra 2 minutes to breathe and pray that our kids don't knock on the door.

2. Babywearing our kids all the time - Other parents call this attachment parenting but I call this lazy parenting. Don't get me wrong here, I love the benefits you get from babywearing. It improves parent-child bonding early on. But what these parents are not telling you is that they're lazy to run around and think about their kid. If you never put them down, then you never have to chase them around.

3. Doing something busy for work - I'm sometimes guilty of this and now my girlfriend knows my secret. Parents would sometimes pretend to be doing something really important for work and demand that they don't get disturbed. But really you're just busy watching random videos on YouTube. Whatever the reason is, sometimes you just really need to take a break from parenting.

4. Dads repairing things that don't need repairs - I haven't done this yet but a friend of mine once told me his dad used to this when they were little. He remembers his dad repairing something every weekend which means that kids weren't allowed to go near him. He later realized that this his dad wasn't really repairing things and he just wanted some alone time. Nice job, Tito!

5. Giving kids screen time - We are all terribly guilty of it. There's not one parent I know who hasn't used this technique to get a kid to quiet down just so they can have some peace and quiet. I know screen time exposure is bad, but don't blame us for doing something you're probably going to do when you become a parent.

6. Pretending to sleep - Sometimes we're wide awake at 6 in the morning but we aren't moving because we need a little bit more time for our thoughts. Once we get up from the bed it's non stop running around the house. So kids, do us a favor and don't jump on the bed, it makes pretend sleeping difficult.

No matter how old you're kids are you've probably made excuses just to take a break from parenting. If you ever feel like you need to breathe and take a break, you should go for it. Save yourself from the guilt because self-care is important too. Don't get pressured by mainstream media showing you what parenthood should be like. Give yourself a much-needed break, you've earned it!

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