RAWR AWARDS 2018 Set To Make Noise At Le Rêve On November 14

October 11, 2018

rawr awards 2018

rawr awards 2018 key art

RAWR Awards 2018 will be happening on November 14th. The RAWR Awards is often dubbed as a night of spectacle of entertainment celebrities.

Apart from a 250-strong support from bloggers across the country. Various PR groups and respective fans of each nominee has shown their strong support as well. Lionheart TV organizes this yearly spectacle and this year will even be grander. The awards night will happen at one of the most sought after events place in the metro - La Rêve pool and events venue

The Filipino showbiz industry is consistently growing and with that growth comes a pool of old and new talents. Awards like RAWR Awards 2018 give artists the recognition and validation for all their hard work. And just like any ordinary human being, artistas as we often refer to them also has the same dreams like us - to be recognized.

RAWR Awards 2018

There will be 25 awards to be given away on November 14th. The awards are grouped into three major categories, Lion, Cub, and Pride.

Here is the list of awards for the Cub category:

Bibo Award

bibo award

This award will be given to the most bibo kid. After all, no show is complete without an endearing and bubbly child star.

Favorite Bida

favorite bida

Getting people to sympathize with you as a lead role is no small feat. Most of the nominees for this award has been in the industry for a long time and has a tremendous passion for the craft.

Favorite Kontrabida

favorite kontrabida

No protagonist is complete without an antagonist. This award will be given to the antagonist who has effectively made viewers mad and carried away by their superb acting skills.

Beshie ng Taon

beshie ng taon

Playing as a supporting actor is a big responsibility. You need to have the right chemistry with the lead to make sure you both look convincing and on point.

The Great Comeback

the great comeback

Sometimes actors have to take some much needed time off to focus on other things. But there are those who are called again to the craft and still managed to make a big comeback. The nominees for this award are all showbiz veteran whom we all love to see on screen.

Movie ng Taon

movie ng taon

Superb storytelling and plotlines will always be king when it comes to movies. Filipino viewers are increasingly becoming hungry for quality and unique storylines which makes this award even more exciting

Bet na Bet na Teleserye

bet na bet na teleserye

We rely on teleseryes to take our mind off from our busy day. After a long work day we all just want to sit back and watch our own favorite local teleseryes.

Hugot Song of the Year

hugot song of the year

No show or movie is complete without a soundtrack. The soundtrack completes the overall theme and feel of any show.

Pak na Pak na Comedian

pak na pak na comedian

Filipinos are happy people by nature. This is the reason why we always look for shows that make us laugh. This year's nominees have made us laugh to the point of crying.

Favorite Newbie

favorite newbie

We all love a good story and sometimes we seek for it from newcomers. These newbies have proven the industry that they have what it takes and they are ready to take center stage.

Here is the list of awards for the Lion category:

Love Team Of The Year

love team of the year

Loveteams are so big in our country, it's crazy. We see fans raving for their favorite loveteams and doing anything they can to fight for their favorite duo. This year's nominees are one of the biggest loveteams this country has ever had.

Actor of the Year

actor of the year

The most versatile and effective lead actor will bag this award. More than anything else, these actors have to prove that they can also act and that they aren't just another pretty face.

Actress Of The Year

actress of the year

We are seeing a lot of lead roles given to female actors and this is for a reason. Women in the industry are making a statement that they too can be as powerful and as effective (maybe, even more) as their male counterparts.

Favorite Performer

favorite performer

We all love watching a spectacle and these performers have truly outdone themselves with their performances. The award signifies versatility and complete stage presence

Favorite TV Host

favorite tv host

No show is complete without your favorite TV host. The nominees for this award has perfected the art of hosting and has remained TV favorites all year round.

Favorite Radio DJ

favorite radio dj

FM Radio is not dead and it's because of these dedicated people. These DJ's are continuously adapting and making sure that they remain relevant and worth listening to.

News Personality of the Year

news personality of the year

female news personality

The nominees for this award are renowned journalists who are truly passionate about their craft. Their undying thirst to find the truth for us can't be denied.

Digital Influencer of the Year

digital influencer of the year

These are the new faces of the digital landscape. They managed to rise to celebrity status because they were passionate about creating content that resonated with their niche.

Breakthrough Artist of the Year

breakthrough artist

They're not necessarily newcomers but they were able to reinvent themselves and managed to get the attention of people in the entertainment industry.

Favorite Group

favorite group

The group that gets this year's award will not only prove that they have what it takes but will also prove that they have the talent to make it to the top.

The Advocate Award

the advocate award

This award is to honor and give thanks to celebrities who have made a tremendous impact and have given their unwavering support to various causes and advocacies.

Here is the list of awards for the Pride category:

Fan Club of the Year

fans club of the year

Fan clubs are the heart and soul of the Filipino showbiz industry. Without the fan's support and love, there will be no artists to support. The fans are the heart and soul of RAWR Awards 2018

TV and Radio station of the Year

TV station of the year

radio station of the year

Both TV and Radio networks are continuously making an effort to innovate and make headlines for its viewers.

rawr awards 2018 poster

The RAWR Awards 2018 wishes to recognize the country's leading and most sought-after talents in the entertainment industry. It is also LionHearTV.net's way of thanking their readers who have remained loyal to them.

The awarding would not be possible without its major sponsor and partner PLDT Smart and Le Rêve
RAWR Awards 2018 was also made possible by following Lalamove Philippines, Home Credit Philippines, Brother Philippines, CAT PR, Voyager Innovations, CID Communication, Jollibee, Mode Devi, Starbucks Philippines, Akrotiri, Fuentes Manila, and DOJO PR.

To vote for your favorite artists head on over to lionheartv.net/rawrawards2018.

Voting is now live and will be ending on November 4, 11:59PM.

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