What You Need To Know About The Wish 107.5 App

October 23, 2018

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Wish 107.5 has been setting endless boundaries when it comes to innovations since it’s inception in 2014. Just recently they revealed the popular Wish Bus in Hollywood and they're planning to launch it in the Middle East as well. Among their many innovations comes the all new and improved Wish 107.5 App and Wish Card.

The Wish 107.5 App offers the latest and coolest news, discounts and live streaming features for all its users.

Now, you can listen to Wish 107.5, read the latest word in the music industry, get access to Wishclusive contents, and also get rewarded while doing so. How awesome is that?

How the Wish 107.5 App Works

The Wish 107.5 App has four major sections, the news feed, rewards, live streaming, and promos.

The news feed offers the freshest and most exclusive content in the music scene including Wishclusive contents. This feature makes it easy for anyone to get the latest news and know the hottest hits they should be watching out for.

Moreover, Wish 107.5 application through 1KSolutions Inc. has partnered up with bloggers to further enhance the experience. You'll not only get the latest trend in the music scene but also get the latest lifestyle trends directly from your favorite Wish 107.5 bloggers.

The rewards portion of the app shows you a list of items you can redeem with partner merchants. Rewards can be an exclusive Wish 107.5 merchandise, food offerings, travel packages, and even gadgets.

Rewards can be redeemed by using the points you get from the promos section of the mobile application. These rewards are practically FREE, all you need to do is watch out for the promo codes, collect your points and redeem your rewards. How awesome is that?

Another cool thing about the app and which I really like most is the live streaming feature. It lets you listen to Wish 107.5 any time. No matter where you are in the world you're always close to home through live streaming.

Wish Card

One more awesome feature of the Wish 107.5 App is the exclusive Wish Card. They can use the card to avail exclusive promos, rewards, and freebies from partner establishments. You can get the Wish Card by simply signing up. No radio station has rewarded its listeners with something like this. Innovations like these are what makes Wish 107.5 a global brand that we can all be proud of.

A Powerful Mobile Experience

As for me, being a parent is all about maximizing the things you need in all aspects of your life, including mobile applications - and the Wish 107.5 App seems to be the complete solution for me. I can get the entertainment I need through the news feed and live streaming feature while also being rewarded for being a loyal listener.

It is a powerful mobile application that you might be missing out on. Download the Wish 107.5 App for free via Google Play for Android OS and App Store for iOS.

What are you waiting for? Go and download the App right now!

Are you ready to get some points? Get some points by putting this code: FVXAVMS

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