How To Be Kinder Everyday With KINDer

November 26, 2018

Kinder App
Kinder by Aboitiz Foundation

Everyone wants to do good, to share and to create an act of kindness. But sometimes all we have are these desires - which are good, but without any action they mean nothing.

How do we look for worthy causes worth our money?
How do we begin helping people?
Who can help us create an act of kindness?

The Aboitiz Foundation made a solution to make donating easy and hassle-free through their newest platform - KINDer.

KINDer is an online platform that pools together all different causes in a single umbrella. It enables you to read the stories behind the advocacies, allows you to select an advocacy that resonates to you, and helps you donate in a click of a button. It's just like Tinder, without the heartbreak.

Why KINDer?

KINDer isn't like your any other crowdfunding platform. Aboitiz believes in their promise of advancing business and communities. This is why KINDer only supports campaigns with social development agenda.

Moreover, the platform is keen on making the act of kindness as easy as clicking a button. No fuss, no hassle.

Can I Enroll My Advocacy?

You can be a part of the KINDer platform by enrolling and sending your proposal to

The whole review process will only take around 3-5 days. After which, they will provide you with the requirement needed to start creating your page.

How Much Will Each Cause Get?

Aboitiz Foundation deducts 6-7% from each donation made through the platform. This fee is intended to be used for the platform's upkeep.

Will My Donations Be Used Properly?

The team asks each advocacy to send a disbursement and status report. Those who can't comply will not be allowed to create a new campaign on KINDer.

What Does Aboitiz Get From This?

The Aboitiz Foundation does not earn from the platform. Not even a centavo goes to them. But, what's important for them is to find people who have the same vision - to help and to drive change.

What Are The Causes Under KINDer?

Hope Builders

Clean Seas Pilipinas

Bangketa Eskwela

A Better Christmas

Adopt A Forest


Kutitap Feeding Program

KINDER App Platform
KINDer Platform

Donating Made Easy

The Aboitiz Foundation has been around for 30 years. They have been consistently making efforts to drive meaningful change in different communities all over the Philippines. KINDer may just seem like any crowdfunding platform, but it is so much more than that.

In this fast-paced world we live in right now, do we ever just stop and think about our actions? Are our actions as parents worth emulating? Are we contributing to something bigger than us?

If we stop and think about the change we could do, even a P100 donation can go a long way. Start donating through KINDer today and make a difference!

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