Parenting Life Series: Kaycee Enerva of KikaysiKat

November 16, 2018

Kaycee aka The Macho Mom answers some parenting questions for this Parenting Life Series entry. I'm personally a fan of Kaycee Enerva because she's as authentic as any mom could be. I salute how well he's raising Jop (AKA The Macho Kid) and how strong-willed she is as a single parent.

Name: Kaycee Enerva

Number and age of children: 1 who is 8y/o

Favorite parenting quote: I really don't have any haha sorry :)

Short Bio:

I'm a single mom of a charming 8-year-old boy! I blog about health, beauty, fitness, and life over at I'm also a writer at SMedia Australia. I used to have a 9-5 job as a Business IT Analyst at Chevron Holdings.

1. How would you describe your parenting style? 

Relaxed and modern.

2. What values would you want to pass on to your kids?

GRIT. They can teach academics and values at school. But nothing teaches grit like parents. Most parents would "baby" their children and would not make them experience the natural pains of life. But this is normal. How can they survive the real world if they're too sensitive?

 3. What do you enjoy most about being a father/mother? 

Seeing my kid grow to be kind, smart, and loving!

4. How do you encourage a close relationship with your child/children? 

I listen to him. As in listen and understand. I give quality time to my macho kid!

5. What challenges have you encountered as a parent and how did/do you deal?

Naku when most of the grandparents and titos and titas criticize how I raise my kid. Sometimes they're too controlling and forget I'm already an adult. I deal by still listening to their advice but not following it 100% because I make my own decisions

6. What is the best parenting tip or advice can you give to a new parent?

TIME. They grow so fast. Sometimes when they ask for something or talk to you about anything. Stop and listen. Work can wait

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  1. I can definitely agree with grit. Di pa ako parent, pero that grit will lead a child to places. I'm still on my 20's who happened to have a delay in the emplyment and adulting world pero I realized that having the capacity to JUST DO IT and not mind the noise of society will really make a difference. If I only knew way back na kapag may gusto ako nun, I shouldn't think twice if I really believe na kakayanin ko (knowing that no one will be harmed by my actions etc)! :) Maybe not too late, not too early to realize.. but I'm grateful na narealize ko na by now. Great article!!


    1. Hi Sandra! Thanks for sharing! I agree with you that grit will take you places. Especially for someone like me who's been raised in a broken family and lived with different relatives from time to time, hindi naituro sa akin yun. But I grew up okay and found my own version of grit and resiliency. I'm sure you'll be a great mom someday!


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