Exploring The Wonders Of Sensory Bins

December 28, 2018

dirty hands in sensory bin
dirty hands in sensory bin

As parents, we all work hard to ensure that our child fully develops all their five senses at an early age. These five senses are sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. Developing these senses early can play a significant part in helping them develop other cognitive and motor skills.

A growing trend in sensory play is the invention of sensory bins. According to Goodstart "Providing opportunities for children to actively use their senses as they explore their world through ‘sensory play’ is crucial to brain development."

Why Is Sensory Play Important?

Most people think that sensory play is only associated with the sense of touch. But, it's more than that.

Here are some benefits of sensory play:

  • Develops language skills - They can develop their language skills as they explain and describe their experience while and after playing.
  • Develops motor skills - It helps develop early motor skills such as pincer grasp for infants. Through scooping, dumping, and manipulating the objects in the sensory bin, they can improve their motor skills.
  • Develops social skills - They learn how to share their toy and space with other kids. They learn how to communicate and learn empathy as they interact with other kids.
  • Encourages problem-solving skills - Through playing they are faced with small challenges like finding a toy inside a filled bin. They are able to solve these problems on their own and develop independence.

Where Can I Buy Sensory Bins?

Sensory bins are all about imagination. Some of the stuff you need may already be inside your home. There are two materials you need to create your own sensory bin:

  • A big tub or plastic bin
  • Fillers such as kinetic sand, uncooked rice, and even shredded paper.

A sensory bin will keep your child occupied for an extended period which will help you get some much-needed "ME" time and help him lay-off that iPad.

Make sure that your fillers are age-appropriate. For example, when creating a sensory bin for infants and toddlers avoid using fillers that are choking hazard.

Sensory Bin Ideas

sensory bin idea uncooked pasta
Instagram user @myclassrunsontargetandcoffee

sensory bin idea beans
Instagram User @letsplaylittleone

sensory bin idea balls
Instagram user @meaghanscreativekidspreschool

uncooked rice sensory bin
Instagram user @bmarie1888
sensory bin idea with uncooked rice
Instagram user @speechgems


We see a lot of kids leaning towards their iPad's and tablets for entertainment which is why we need sensory bins more than ever. Sensory bins aren't expensive to make you just have to know which items to put in and be imaginative about it. Your kids are also going to be messy while playing so be patient with them and just think about all the fun they're getting. Just think about all the downtime you're getting while they play.

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