Maria Health Is Helping Pave The Way For Better Healthcare in PH

January 18, 2019

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I never knew what healthcare coverage was until I got my first job which was over a decade ago. I distinctly remember getting my first HMO plan and thinking that I can confidently get sick and someone will pay for my hospital bills. I never got to use the card, but I always felt secure even if it's just a piece of plastic inside my wallet.

Sadly, not everyone has this level of security. Many of the more impoverished families in the Philippines don't even know what health insurance means. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a well-functioning healthcare system "provides impartial access to quality healthcare regardless of pay dimensions while protecting them from the financial consequences of poor health." Healthcare in the Philippines doesn't even come close.

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Maira Health Review

Maria Health or just plainly, Maria is an online platform much like Lazada, but the only difference is the products they help offer are healthcare coverages. Additionally, they provide different plan comparisons that cover your budget and your specific needs.

Maria is paving the way for better healthcare in the Philippines, first and foremost by educating Filipinos. Through their unbiased plan comparisons, they are inadvertently urging healthcare insurance providers to produce more options and solutions to varying healthcare consumers.

As parents, we are responsible for taking care of our kids in ensuring that they have a safe and secure environment. One of the best ways to do that is by giving them health coverage.

Here are two more reasons why Maria Health is helping pave the way for better healthcare and why Maria Health reviews have always been good:

Helps Make Healthcare Accessible For Everyone

Most Filipinos think that health insurance coverage is expensive. According to research, only 4% of Filipinos have some sort of medical coverage.

Through Maria Health's platform, a lot Filipinos are now able to enjoy access to healthcare coverages that are easy on the pocket such as prepaid health cards.

While prepaid health cards have relatively less coverage when compared to comprehensive medical insurance, it still makes basic health coverages accessible to everyone. Maria Health believes in simple and easy access to healthcare for the Philippines. If you wish to learn more about prepaid health cards, check out my video all about affordable prepaid health insurance below P1000.

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Helps Businesses Take Care Of Their Employees

Small to medium businesses often don't offer their employees medical benefits mainly because they're expensive.

For years, medical coverages for SME's are unheard of — which I think is incredibly unfair when you take into consideration that 99.6% of businesses in the Philippines are SME's. Moreover, these businesses help create jobs for Filipinos, but health insurance companies are not taking them seriously.

Maria Health made healthcare coverage possible for these businesses. Through their help, these businesses are now able to provide better care of their employees without compromising their financial capabilities.

How Do I Contact Maria Health?

You can reach them through their website at or through their Facebook page at

Share the gift of health with Maria Health. Maria health prepaid cards can go as low as P80.

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