GCash Will Help You Build Your Fortune In The Year Of The Pig

February 03, 2019

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There are a lot of opportunities out there that can help you build your fortune. Some earning opportunities are even passive which means you don’t have to do much work to earn from them. One of the best ways to generate passive income is by regularly investing.

Let’s all welcome the Lunar New Year this 5th of February with a bang as good fortune awaits all of us this Year of the Pig! In the Chinese zodiac, the pig is the twelfth animal and it represents wealth. The big ears and chubby face is a sign of good fortune.

As a parent, we’re always looking for ways to make money to help our family become more financially secure. However, the problem with most is they don’t know where to put or invest their money. GCash has made it easy for everyone to start their investment journey through their mobile application.

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GCash has just recently offered its Invest Money platform. It’s an investment platform inside the GCash app. The money you put into the investment platform will be managed by GCash’s partner product providers. Through the platform, every Filipino is given access to affordable and more convenient investment products.

According to Izza Castelo, Head of Investments for GCash, “Invest Money has been out for a few months on test mode, and what we’ve learned is that Filipinos want to invest — it’s just that so far, they haven’t really had the chance to as there’s no product that is affordable to them and that they can access very easily. With Invest Money, our goal is exactly to fill that gap."

Castelo adds, “The lesson here is that no investment is insignificant. You can always start with what you have now, regardless if it’s a small or large amount.”

Filipinos will now have access to affordable and convenient investing through Invest Money. You can start investing without the need to submit documents for as low as PHP 50. Nothing can be more convenient than that!

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How To Use GCash Invest Money

Using Invest Money is simple, simply open your Gcash mobile application and click on “Invest Money” to register.

After registration, input the amount of your initial investment (minimum of PHP 50).

Consistently invest money through the Gcash app and watch your money grow over time.

Make your money work for you. Start investing now using Invest Money in GCash app. Start your New Year with a financial decision that will help you become prosperous.

GCash is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.
For more information, kindly visit https://www.gcash.com/invest-money/.

About GCash

GCash is an app that converts your phone into a fast and secure e-wallet or mobile money service that allows you to buy load, purchase and shop for items you want, and send and receive money with ease all the while being accessible to all networks. GCash delivers convenient and innovative ways to go cashless as well as offers services and promos available to all.

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  1. Wow. Na try nyo na po to? Maganda?

    1. Yes I have tried it na and it super easy. Mas mapapadali talaga ang pagiipon mo :)

  2. nakapagtry na po ba kayo mag redeem?

    1. Redeem which one po? If sa investment, not yet kase I just started. :)

  3. Once na na nag invest po kayo.. Pwd po ba xa i cash out

    1. Yes naman po, cashing out is always an option :)


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