5 Best OEM Parts for BMW HP4 Race

March 15, 2019

bmw HP4 race motorcycle

The BMW HP4 Race is more than the sum of its parts. It is a masterpiece of engineering prowess. Each and every one of the limited-edition racing machine was handmade by specialists and fitted with a numbered plaque. This is for those who have no limits and always go further. From the development right up to the racetrack, passion is what has made this race bike what it is - an innovation driver designed to push the limits. The HP bike is the first motorcycle in the world to offer a fully carbon frame and fully carbon wheels. With 215 hp (158 kW), it weighs just 322 lbs (dry weight). Truly a handmade dream come true for powerbike enthusiasts!

Despite this, there is always room for improvement when it comes to any bike. Focusing on the accessories that increase comfort and control can keep you on your machine longer, giving you the time to enjoy each day on the track. BikeBandit.com offers thousands of BMW HP4 Race OEM motorcycle parts to repair or restore your 2018 BMW HP4 Race to original factory condition.

bmw hp4 race oem parts

Below is a list of the 5 best OEM parts for your BMW HP4 Race:

1. Vortex V2 Adjustable Rear Sets
2. Kuryakyn ISO Footpegs
3. Driven Carbon SBK Handlebar
4. Roland Sands Design 1″ Clip On Handlebars
5. Driven D-Axis Grips

Comparing the BMW HP4 machine’s speed, braking, and handling to a street bike is like comparing a superhuman to a normal person. It has no peers because it didn’t have to pass race standards or be street legal. Ultimately, the hardest thing about choosing performance parts for BMW HP4 Race is finding mods that can improve on the original.

BikeBandit.com is the internet's largest powersports store with more than 8 million factory fresh motorcycle parts, motorcycle mods, and accessories online, so of course, they have the most up to date schematic diagrams of your BMW HP4 Race for you to shop. Whether you’re looking to make simple repairs or completely restore your old machine back to factory condition, Bike Bandit carry most of your BMW HP4 Race OEM parts you need to get riding.

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