Pampers Wants Every Home To Become #BetterForBaby With Their New Advocacy

May 13, 2019

pampers better for baby

Earlier this month, Pampers together with their newest endorser Sarah Lahbati hosted the launch of their #BetterForBaby movement. Pamper’s latest advocacy is to support unhindered and development for every Filipino child. The international diaper brand will make its advocacy happen thru the help of their diaper who promises less lawlaw for more movement.

According to Sarah Lahbati, “We need to pay close attention to the small yet critical things
that can help them move better, such as the right diaper.” She then continues to say that she has trusted the brand since her first-born Zion, and continues to use Pampers with Kai.

Pampers also invited a panel of experts to help explain what unhindered movement can do for children. Among the panelists was Ms. Bambi Borneo, President of Mother and Child Nursing Association of the Philippines (MCNAP). She said, that “2-3 hours of playtime and exercise for babies during the day will not only help them develop physically but cognitively as well.” Pampers also encourages parents to provide ample space for their kids to promote comfortable movement during play time.

sarah lahbati for pampers

Pampers Less Lawlaw

During the launch, Pampers also unveiled the microsite The microsite will enable the advocacy supporters to share the badge, and share their story of success while using the diaper brand. For every story, the microsite gets the point, and for every 10,000 points, Pampers will be donating newborn kits and galaw-friendly play areas to hospitals across the Philippines. Those who will share their stories as well will get a chance to win three months worth of diaper supply.

Show your support for the advocacy by doing the following:

1. Watch the newest Pampers Lullaby and share it via social media:
2. Share the Pampers #BetterForBaby badge to show support for the movement:
3. Share your personal story on the site and how using a less lawlaw diaper has helped you and your child.

pampers less lawlaw

As parents, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our children are developing correctly and that we are providing the best possible care we can.  At first, I thought that Pampers was an expensive brand and that there’s no way we can afford it. But, when I started to think about the quality and the benefits I get, I realized that the extra cost was worth it.

Pampers has been a trusted brand for over 50 years, and this is because they have remained true to their promise which is to provide quality diaper products. Make your home #BetterForBaby and for all other babies out there, share your stories and help spread the advocacy.

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