Vitagreen-C Review: The Best Non-Acidic Vitamin C In The Philippines

May 09, 2019

vitagreen-c non acidic vitamin c with zinc

Vitamin C is one of the vital vitamins that your body needs to ward off sickness and boost immunity. However, this vitamin can’t be produced by your body which is why you need to supplement it by eating the right foods and drinking non-acidic Vitamin C.

Vitagreen-C is a premium quality Vitamin C brand that has pure crystalline Sodium Ascorbate. The sodium they use was sourced from DSM in the United Kingdom, an international company that’s focused on health, nutrition, and sustainable living. Their capsules are 100% plant-based and the alkaline pH level is at 7.5

What Do You Mean By Non-Acidic?

Ordinary Vitamin-C or known as Ascorbic Acid for most people is not recommended for people who are acidic. While it’s the pure form, it can upset your stomach and cause heartburn. Vitagreen-C is sodium ascorbate which makes it non-acidic and also one of the only organic Vitamin C in the Philippines.

The sodium helps lower down the acidity level of Vitamin C in your body. It also helps make the vitamins get into your system faster and stay longer so you get the full benefits.

Sodium Ascorbate Benefits


One of the main benefits of taking in Vitamin C is its antioxidant properties which can help boost your body’s natural defenses. Antioxidants work by protecting the cells on your body from free radicals and harmful molecules. It is proven that high antioxidant levels can help prevent chronic diseases such as heart problems.

Helps With High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can put someone at risk of heart attack, one of the leading cause of death in the world. Studies show that taking non-acidic vitamin C can help lower blood pressure.


Yes, that’s right! Sodium ascorbate can help you age beautifully and take care of your skin. The antioxidants in Vitamin C doesn't just fight off free radicals it also makes your skin brighter, and firmer. When taken daily it can help make your skin look hydrated, radiant, looking younger, longer.

Helps Iron Absorption

Iron helps the body generate healthy red blood cells and transporting oxygen all through your body. Taking sodium ascorbate can help your body absorb iron better from your daily diet. This is especially helpful for those who have a meat-free diet as iron derived from plants aren’t absorbed easily by the body. Therefore, taking in Vitamin C on a regular basis can help fight anemia for those who are iron deficient.

Fights Infection

Vitamin C helps fight infection by encouraging the production of healthy white blood cells in your body. These white blood cells known as lymphocytes and phagocytes helps protect the body from all forms of infections. Some research also shows that drinking sodium ascorbate can shorten the healing time of wounds.


In my opinion, Vitagreen- C is the best Vitamin C brand in the Philippines. It’s completely safe for the whole family, it’s 100% based, Non-GMO, and Non-acidic. More than that it’s also affordable. This non-acidic Vitamin C is not available in big drugstores like Mercury Drug as it wants to ensure that their price stays family-friendly.

Get your Vitagreen-C online from Lazada, Shopee, or sending them a message on their official Facebook page. You can also check your local drugstores if they have it.

Get your family protected in a safe and natural way with Vitagreen-C.

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