GOJU Juice Drink: The Next Best Thing That Happened To Juice

July 15, 2019

goju juice drink

GOJU Juice Drink was officially released around July last year, but I was only able to try it a couple of months ago. Tasting it, was a revelation and I think that it’s the best thing that happened to juice, and what makes it even better is it’s all natural!

This fantastic product is from Vida Nutriscience, the people behind Snow whitening products, and My Slim. GOJU juice drink is an all-natural for your juice cravings in the hot Manila weather. The name GOJU is a combination of the words “Go” and “Juice” because it’s the juice that you can literally take on-the-go without worrying about anything.

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Is GOJU Juice Drink Really All Natural?

While I’m no expert at things that are “all-natural,” and I certainly don’t believe that GOJU is 100% natural as well, because claiming that would be absurd. But, what I do know is that based on their websites, their juice usually has fewer than eight ingredients on it.

Yes, there is still also sugar content, so it can still be terribly bad for your health, but it’s kept to a bare minimum. The sweetness doesn’t overpower the natural juice flavor, which in my opinion, is what makes GOJU great.

What Are The Different GOJU Juice Drink Flavors?

There are five flavors to choose from:

GOJU Lemonade

This flavor is my personal favorite. It has the perfect sourness in it with a touch of sweetness. It’s refreshing, and it’s as close as you can get to an authentic lemonade.

GOJU White Peach Passion Fruit

This flavor is more of four seasons to me. Its ingredients say that it has White Peach, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, and Lemon.

goju white peach juice

GOJU Mango Orange

It tastes perfect with a hint of White Peach. I’m not much of an Orange juice drinker, but this flavor from GOJU made a difference for me.

GOJU Raspberry Lemonade

As they say, Raspberry is good for blood circulation and boosting your energy. Take this juice with you when you need an extra boost in the middle of a busy work week.

GOJU Orange

Your good old trusty Orange flavor packed with Vitamin C. As I said, I’m no Orange juice fan, but this one isn’t as bad.

juice inside the freezer

Quench your thirst with these five flavors from GOJU. It’s natural, it’s healthy, and it’s refreshing. GOJU is best enjoyed shaken and chilled.

You can order GOJU online at Vida Nutriscience, or you can get them at your leading supermarket. It’s available in 330ml, and it retails for P39.00 each can.

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