This Local Business Creates The Best Handcrafted Leather In Manila

July 16, 2019

handcrafted leather philippines
Photo from Pacaro Leather IG page
I’m all about supporting local businesses, and this humble local business creates one of the best handcrafted leather goods, in my opinion.

Pacaro Leather started as a hobby by the Del Puerto family, which later turned into a full-blown business. Their love for quality craftsmanship is unparalleled. The family creates leather goods together in their house in Katipunan headed by their father, who is a retired engineer. No wonder that the quality of handcrafted leather goods they sell is exquisite.

What Makes Pacaro Leather Great?

When I met up with one of the family members to talk about their business, she told me that they spend hours finding the right leather to use. Sometimes the leather material they use is scarce in supply, which is why they only get to make a few items out of it. This makes their products extra special and unique.

She also assured me that all their products are authentically hand made, and they never use machines. They personally sew the leather products, which makes the products extra durable.

leather wallet
Photo from Pacaro Leather IG page

Who Designs Their Products?

Their father often designs their products. They would also sometimes accept custom design requests from their customers. Their designs are usually simple, which I personally like. It makes their products look timeless and expensive.

leather money clip
Photo from Pacaro Leather IG page

Pacaro’s handcrafted leather products are one of the best I’ve seen in the Philippines. Their business only started over a year ago, and they’ve managed to get the attention of a lot of people already.

More than handcrafted leather wallets, they also make keychains, cord clips, money clips, and money envelopes. They also informed me that they also plan to offer monogramming and accepting custom or on-demand leather pieces.

You can get your hands on these goodies by sending them a message on their Facebook page or Instagram page.

pacaro leather box
Photo from Pacaro Leather IG page

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  1. Some of the time the calfskin material they use is rare in supply, which is the reason they just get the chance to make a couple of things out of it. leather jacket


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