To The Moms That Are Worried That Dads Can't Take Care Of The Kids

August 11, 2019

baby in a shopping cart

This is an open letter to the moms out there who feels that their partners aren’t capable of taking care of their child.

You have to know that as a Dad, the connection for me was not immediate. I was overwhelmed, and to be honest, I was a bit anxious about all of it. But, it’s not because I’m not ready or unprepared for our child. It’s because I’m scared of messing things up. I only want the best for our child and our family.

I may not know how to hold a newborn child or let alone, bathe him. But, give me some time to learn these things, and I assure you I’ll be an expert. Push me and give me a big nudge when I’m being too comfortable and when I’m unhelpful. I may need it from time to time. After all, I’m a guy,  and you know how inconsiderate we can sometimes be.

Let me do the housework and when I do something that’s not up to your standard, politely tell me how I can make it right. Should I sweep the floor better, are the counters still greasy, or is my laundry skills not as good? Tell me how to make it better because I want to help. I’m just  clueless sometimes

baby's feet

Whenever you hover around me and manage my every move, my self-confidence sinks a little bit each time, and  I start to wonder If I’m doing this parenting thing correctly. I just want to give you some peace of mind, which is why I try my best to manage things, but if you don’t let me how do you expect for the baby to get used to me?

Let me get the baby from you when he’s finally asleep. I will rock him until my legs and knees are numb. I may fall asleep at night, but wake me up when you need me.

Don’t be scared to get out of the house once in a while. You deserve some alone time, and you deserve every minute of it. The house won’t burn down, I won’t drop the baby, and I’ll make sure his diaper is changed. Just please don’t expect the house to be spotless when you come back because I’m sure I probably have left some dirty dishes in the sink and the doors unlocked. I just really wanted to make sure that the baby is asleep.

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