Why We Need More Filipino Dad Bloggers

August 28, 2019

filipino dad bloggers

I just recently read an article from a popular parenting resource about Dads being the number one source of stress of Moms. While the article seems relevant, it lacked data to be considered as a valid argument. The article didn't even cite the research they used to make their claim.

If there's one thing I know, our generation of Dads has come a long way. If you compare us from earlier generations of fathers, we've come a long way. While we may still have a long way to go, let's not try to diminish the huge improvement.

According to a 2017 study by Boston College, millennial dads see their wives as an equal partner in parenting which means that they both have parenting roles that are needed to be done. While this is not true for most households, we're starting to see the dynamics changing.

Why We Need Filipino Dad Bloggers?

Mommy Bloggers are in abundance at this day and age. It's not to say that they shouldn't be because they deserve all the reward and support. But, let's not forget about the other side of the story — the Dads. We need to pay more attention to these guys because they also share the same passion for parenting.

I myself happily consider myself as a Daddy Blogger. I would often attend blogging events and other bloggers would be surprised to hear that I'm a Filipino Dad Blogger. It's as if hearing it for the first time.

Dad Bloggers like myself are making a way to include everyone in the parenting paradigm. We are saying that we can be involved too and more importantly, we are normalizing the idea that a hands-on father is what our society needs.

JR Santiago, the founder of The Dadvocacy Community (@dadvocacycommunity), and a father of one said that "we can all learn from each other and when we share our experiences, Dads will not feel alone in the challenges, anxieties, and pressure they feel."

Absent Dads are the thing of the past. We are now committed to taking on more roles, be more present, and have a more involved approach.  Please allow us to do these things for the family and don't shame us when we do something you disapprove. Instead, help us make things right so that we can do it better the next time. Shaming us will do more harm than good for our ego.

Another inspiring Filipino Dad Blogger who's breaking the gender stereotype is Bryce Larrosa a father of three, and the man behind Pinoy Superdads (@pinoysuperdads) and The Clingy Fam (@omniandbryce). He said that "Daddy Bloggers will help increase awareness on how today's fatherhood has changed — that dads also want to be there and witness their kids growing up."

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Ryan Elnar, a dad of two, a full-time employee and the blogger behind Dad and More said that "we don't just provide material things or food to the table, we also play a vital role  of embedding discipline to our young ones."

These are just some of the dads that are paving the way for a brighter future for the next generation of fathers in the Philippines. I've met with these guys and let me tell you that we are not rare nor extinct. We're your everyday Dads, we also struggle to find the balance but we do our best. I hope that you also celebrate us and not to find ways to shame us. Instead, let's create a conversation on how we can inspire more Fathers to be better.

As it takes a village to raise a child, it takes communities to help parents navigate through their parenthood journey. Kyle (@daddysetgo ), Bryce (@pinoysuperdads and @omniandbryce ) , and I are so lucky to find and belong to parenting communities that support us and cheer us on as we build our own. . Thank you to @janicecvillanueva , @dadbudsofficial , and @mommymundo for giving us a platform to share our advocacy and for always welcoming Dads to your events and activities. . Thank you to those who came to our #InvolvedDadsHappierChildren talk yesterday. Your support inspires us to keep at it. Thanks, @overmydadbodyph , @mommyiyavee , @jerwinagarao , @redwisdomph , @northtrap and Ellen for dropping by and thank you to our followers who sent their words of support. . But most of all, a BIG THANK YOU to our better halves, @jjowyyy , @omniamisolarrosa , and @luannesantiago for always believing in us and cheering us on. Your love and support mean everything to us. Every part of us loves you. . And to all our kids, we love you and all that we do, we do for you. . #involveddadshappierchildren #DaddySetGo #PinoySuperDads #DadvocacyCommunity #DadTribePH #mommymundo #mommymundoworld
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If you want to advocate for involved fatherhood and if you're a dad, feel free to join our Facebook group, the Dad Tribe.

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