Daughters And Dating: This Is What Dads Have To Say About It

September 17, 2019

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We know how protective Dads can be with their daughters. They will go to great lengths just to make sure that their daughters are not seeing anyone before they're allowed to. I've heard stories about parents monitoring their kids' mobile phones and screening messages. While that may sound horrifying and an apparent invasion of privacy, some parents couldn't help it.

In our Dad Facebook group, we asked at what age they will allow their daughters to go on dates. The responses we got was tremendously entertaining. But, I guess that's what really happens to Dads when they have a daughter. A switch is turned on, and you instantly become more protective than you could ever imagine to be.

As for me, I don't have a daughter (well, not yet) so I don't know how I would respond about them potentially dating in the future. But, these Dads do, and they give us a take on what they really feel about it. The names of the dads have been changed to protect their identity, but all of these are real responses.

What Dads Have To Say About Their Daughters Dating

"The moment she had her PhD"

- Michael

"She's my baby! And babies don't go out on dates!  Unsupervised and unchaperoned dates will be after she graduated from college and have had 2 yrs of a regular and steady job!"

- Stanley

"Personally, when she's ready to get married. Dating is a waste of time unless you're doing it with the person you're gonna marry. Hope all the brainwashing I do works."

- Ben

"One-on-one dates, I guess when she's working na rin. If she can afford it, then she can go out. And the guy better be able to pay, with his own money, not from an allowance from parents.
I guess my rule is, if you can't pay, you have no business asking my daughter out."

- Jeff

"I told my daughter 50, or when I'm dead, whichever comes first."

- Dex

"On her 40th birthday I will allow her to have a crush."

- Anthony

"When she's mid 20's with the condition that she already mastered self defense/martial arts"

- Neil


- Joseph


While these responses are undoubtedly entertaining, it's not to say that we have to treat our children as our property. I understand that protecting your child is a natural parenting instinct. However, we do have to be careful not to go overboard with it.

Kids who are heavily protected and coddled can become rebellious and have challenges when they become an adult. Practice moderation, even when protecting our kids. After all, if you raised your daughter well, you should have no problem trusting their decisions when it comes to dating.

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