6 Modern-Day Films About Dads That You Should Definitely Watch

October 02, 2019

father watching movies

Dads in films are just like real-life dads, they can be funny, tough, and also maybe a former government operative. Well yeah, maybe not like real-life dads but still, these fathers in movies show us what a parent is willing to go through to protect their child.

I love watching movies about fathers because it helps me develop empathy and it inspires me to be better at it. Here are five modern-day films about fatherhood that will make you believe in the power of fathers.

Modern-Day Films About Fatherhood

1. Finding Nemo

finding nemo movie about dad

Perhaps one of my favorite movies of all time mainly because it has the right mix of drama and comedy. What’s more interesting about Finding Nemo is that it shows you the story of why Nemo’s dad is overprotective of him. While we can’t help but feel bad for Marlin, at some point you have to give your child some freedom.

The more you give them stricter rules and prohibit them from doing things, they’ll do exactly the opposite. It’s a movie that’s not only perfect for your kids, but also for you.

2. The Pursuit of Happyness

will smith movie with son

One of the best movies out there and my opinion the best that Will Smith movie to date. The movie tells the story of a struggling dad and his son after being evicted from their home and becoming homeless. The story centers around how Chris continues to push through life despite numerous challenges to make life comfortable for his son. Smith’s son, Jaden Smith plays as his son in the movie.

3. The Judge

robert downey jr movie

The Judge is an American Legal drama starring Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall. This is one of my favorite RDJ movies of all time, well aside from Iron Man of course. The story follows Hank Palmer (RDJ) a big shot, but a shady attorney who returns home after a long time after learning his mother has just died. As he was to leave town, his father was picked up by the police for hit-and-run. This is a movie that’ll make you want to cry and call your dad.

4. Cheaper By The Dozen

cheaper by the dozen movie

Now this one is a doozy, in the most literal way. This movie is a fun way to spend an afternoon weekend with the whole family. It’s pure fun and of course, do I really have to tell you. It’s Steve Martin, it's going to be fun.

5. Taken

taken liam neeson

Now, this movie is what you would call a movie that shows a father with a very particular set of skills. Liam Neeson in this movie was extraordinary and, this movie started a whole new type of movies, but nothing beats the original 2008 movie. If you don’t watch this, I will find you, and I will make you watch it.

6. Collateral Beauty

collateral beauty movie will smith

Two Will Smith movies made it on my list, and that isn’t intentional. Collateral beauty is a movie that will capture you from beginning to end. Will Smith’s portrayal of a grieving father is close to perfection in this movie. For those people who know someone close who has lost a child, this movie will take help you understand them better. It is a story about loss, but it gives you an ending that will make you feel hopeful about life.


These movies aren’t just for dads, it’s for the whole family to watch. It makes you understand that no matter how tough we may look most of the time, we also have a gooey center beneath it all.

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