When we had Joaquin, I had this cool idea of writing about my family. I wanted to share my learning (and failures) on how we are adjusting to the transition as new parents. I wanted to help other soon-to-be dads get over their anxiety over having a family.

Finding out that you’re about to become a Dad is a big deal. It’s a lot to process and it can make you think of crazy life decisions.

Why start a dad blog?

I often find myself thinking about things and ideas about family, parenting styles and fatherhood - and have no way to validate them. These are typically uninteresting shower-thought ideas. But, being able to share them somewhere could be a great way to connect with other parents!

Oh and we always need more dads on the internet showing that they can be just as invested (and fun. Duh dad jokes!) as moms. So lets all Daddy Set Go!

daddy set go family picture

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